Oil change procedure '06 WR450

A little help please, checked my manual for the oil change procedure and it shows two drain bolts behind the shift lever, I only see one.

It says nothing about the drain bolt on the frame downtube where I assume you must drain the oil left in the frame after you pull the main cranckcase drain on the bottom of the motor. I don't plan on cleaning the screen this change so could someone let me know of proper procedure for draining the crankcase and frame?



The drain behind the shifter is intended as a way of correcting an overfill condition AFTER the engine has been refilled and run up. It's not really too useful or accurate, though, because the steel framed bikes have room in the frame for at least a half quart of excess without it affecting the sump oil level. If you do the oil change right, you'll never need it, anyway. I've never had mine out even once.

Here's the procedure for an '03-'05 YZ450, which is identical to yours in that respect:


And here's an explanation of dry sump oiling, if you need it:



Thank you for taking to the time to help me out, much appreciated. I will give it a go, should be no problem now.


I drain the oil from the frame bolt first. then I put the bolt back in. then I drain it from the bottom. I have never used the bolts behind the shift lever.

the first time i did the oil change i removed all bolts - after first doing as maurice did in the post above (remove frame bolt, then bottom engine bolt).

barely anything came out of the other drain bolts - like almost nill. so i just do the two bolts now (frame and engine bottom)

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