Sent shock for rebuild - now nitrogen valve hits exhaust?

hey guys,

I am putting my bike back together after a round of maintenance and getting the shock/forks resprung for my weight

I had the shock done by a local shop (very reputable, family business that all race AMA) and now the nitrogen valve hits the exhaust when the wheel is at full extension - see picture


is there any way I can adjust the orientation of this valve to point outward? This wasn't an issue with the factory spring installed, but i honestly don't remember which was the nitrogen valve was pointing either. which direction do they point on any of your WR450f's?

I haven't yet set the sag on the new spring, so there is very little preload on it - don't see why that would be any issue. I just think it doesn't seem right that the shock nitrogen valve will come in contact (however slight that is) with the exhaust when the wheel extends all the way - also seems like it will transfer heat to the shock itself.

any thoughts on how to address this short of beating a dent into the exhaust pipe?


If you watch a video on shock rebuilding, you will see how that valve rotates anywhere you want it to be. Sometimes, it is hard for a shop to remember where to put it back too.

The bad news is that the nitrogen has to come out to be able to change the orientation. If the shop is close by, I would mark exactly where you want the valve to be, or find a picture of another similar bike and see where that one points, and take it back to the shop. They can fix it in 10 minutes.

It's a lot easier to remember where they go when you mark them as they come apart.

I recommend against ANY attempt to reorient the valve without releasing the nitrogen pressure. With that, you have two choices (really one with multiple options): Take it back to the local, very reputable, family business that all race AMA, or any other shop that can refill the nitrogen reservoir, and have them dump it and fix it. With the pressure off, it should move pretty freely.

all the pictures i'm seeing online look like the valve points out or towards the back.....think i'm going to have to go by the shop that did the work and inquire......

thanks guys for the quick response.

I'll take it back by the local shop - they don't ALL race AMA, just two of them. and the rest work on the race bikes at the track during the weekend. they've always taken great care of me, so i doubt this will be a big issue.

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Yup, your going to have to release all of the nitrogen before you will be able to spin that valve so it's facing out the back, like normal. Just an honest mistake by the ones that worked on your shock. Maniac

Loaded up the bike and ran it by (after asking them at lunch).

The guys got it all taken care of, like said 15 minutes and I was on my way.

Always appreciate the quick and helpful responses here. Got a lot of help on rebuilding my forks am why they kept leaking, intend to update that thread after this weekend as it looks like you all helped solve that issue as well.

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