JD Jet Kit WR400F post to uk?

Trying to buy one of these to work with the mods suggested on this site.

JD Jet Kit YZ/WR400F/426F/450F (98-04)

Found the item, great, $65.95

Post to UK is $57.93? Comon guys, I buy bits from US regular and the items cost next to nothing to post. (Ie well wrapped memory $1.90)

Can anyone buy one for me and post out please? I'm happy to support this site but not silly P&P charges!

I'll pay a registered user using PayPal if you want so you've got the $$$. Is anyone willing to help me?


Rob Morphet

Since posting this I've been emailed back and they DONT charge $58 postage, its just a default setting.

Will update on service an speed for the UK browsers.

thanks all


knickers-in-a-twist ;-)


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