question changing fork springs on 2012 yz450f

Do the fork springs come out from the top or the bottom. Can i just leave the forks in the bike and take the cap off and get the springs out that way. Or do I have to take the forks all the way apart and take the springs out from the bottom. If i can take them out from the top I am going to them, it seems simple enough. If the forks have to come apart to change the springs, I am going to have someone do it. I got a quote to change fork springs for 50 dollars and he said he would do the shock for free.

Thanks for all the help guys.


You could change the springs with the forks on the bike, but it would be doing things the hard way, IMO. Normally, you would remove the forks, invert them, remove the rebound adjuster (after backing the clickers all the way off), and disconnect the damper. Then you'd flip the fork over, drain the oil from the outer chamber through the hole in the bottom, and unscrew the octagonal nut at the top to remove the damper cartridge. Then the spring comes out of the bottom of the lower tube.


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thanks gray, i opted to have my suspension guy change the springs he changed to motorex oil, he said the stock oil is not the best. But the parts guy ordered the wrong shock spring. So no riding for me tomorrow. Sucks i only have one ride on the new 2012. But i will be ready to go by next weekend.

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