Another sprocket sizing question.

I currently own a 01 XR650R with stock sprocket and chain (14/48). I'm looking to get more low end speed for tighter trail riding.

Do you guys think that I should go lower in my front sprocket (13) and leave my rear sprocket at 48, or go up in size in my rear sprocket to like 51 tooth or 52 with my stock 14 in front.

What do you all recomend?

Thanks for any info.

PS My bike is jetted and pipped with a big gun full system exhaust and all EPA restrictions pulled from it.

There's plenty of people running the 13/48 combo with good results, but I wouldn't go any smaller than 13T in the front. It's also much less expensive than the rear sprocket, plus its much quicker and simpler to change out.

You will get more of a increase in torque by lowering one tooth up front than by one tooth in the rear but you mention 51 or 52 and the spreadsheet that calculates this tell me that 14/52 would give you the same as 13/48 so depending on how much of a difference you need may tell you which to change and how much. I know you can get away with swaping out the front sprocket from 14t to 13t with the stock chain obviously b/c you get smaller but if you wanted to go up in the rear to 14/52 you may need a longer chain with 2 more links than your stock 110 link chain BUT I have been told that is is possible to go 14/50 with the stock but I haven't tried it. If you do need a new chain that could add some cost to an already more expensive rear sprocket than front. I did have a fellow tell me he runs 14/50 and 13/50 on stock chain he just swaps out the front depending on where he is riding but I believe 14/51 or 14/52 would require longer than the stock 110 link chain which adds to cost.

Maybe this helps,


I'd go with the 13 up front. I usually try to avoid putting a larger sprocket on the rear for fear of hitting it against anything in the tight stuff.

Also for further lower graring: Instead of putting on a 120/100-18, Try a 120/90-18, or a 110/90-18. The sidewalls are lower and the outer diameter of the tire is measurably less - thereby gearing down the final drive ratio of the motorcycle.

Thanks for the info. I think i am going to stay with the stock rear sprocket @ 48 teeth and change the front to a 13 tooth by Moose. I didn't want to replace the chain since I have not put much stress on it.

Thanks for the help. :)

13/48 seems to work really well in the tighter areas, and will still go about 90 mph. a word of caution though, The bike will now quite happily lift the tire in 3rd gear and also do it in fourth when you crack on it. Trust me on this, i almost flipped it in third racing my banshee a while ago. overall one of the best things i have done to my bike :), it gets really scarry power now in the lower gears if it will hook. have fun, JR

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