01 Spark Arrestor

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Spark Arrestor for my 01 426.Is there a way to modify the stock Exhaust without rejetting and changing the powerband.I've tried with the DSP and am Giving up on it,tired of fouling plugs at lower speeds.I guess its Motocross only with this pipe..

There is a company that makes a Supertrapp style spark arrestor that replaces the end cap on the stock exhaust. Here is the website. A buddy of mine put one on his YZ250F and it works great. You can adjust the baffles for sound or power.




You can also modify the silencer yourself. There are a few companies out there that make screens for other exhausts that you can modify to fit in the YZ. I found mine at BBR, I know White Brothers makes one as well. You can drill out all of the rivets on the end of the silencer and remove the cap. I found that I could splip the screen between the cap and the core and muscle the cap back on far enough to re-rivet it. Works great!

If you're really industrius you can sand off the "cosed course only" warning and, VOILA! Great power, spark arrestor, cheap!

Mr T

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