What chest protector to get?

I have found a good price on a MSR system x chest protector and an Aswer Edge Chest protector. Are these good and if I have to choose one over the other which one?

YOU will have to try it on and see for yourself if it is comfortable.

I myself wear an ACERBIS. I prefer the clear lexan over the solid color.

I just got the Thor Aftershock, and am very happy with it. It's true, you forget it's there while riding, that is until you go to pass that XR 650 and get hosed in the process!

I have a Thor Scatter shield I think its called. Its light and has large arm cut outs. I really dont notice it at all while riding, I never used to ride with one, other larger older ones I tried seemed to cumbersome. I was riding behind a YZF last ride catching some of the type of roost people that ride behind me are always complaining about :) and boy was I glad I had it. I took two rocks in the chest by the shoulder just where the CP did not cover and youser they stung!

Well I went ahead and got the Answer one. It should be here in a few days. I got a DSP front disc guard while I was at it. $122.00 shipped. Good deal?

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