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TL250 Rehab

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About six month ago I started the restoration on my 76 TL250 . For the most part it was a easy resto. The engine still has good compression.no reason to fix it if it ain't broke. Mainly the cosmetics of the bike was the issue. I stripped everything down, bead blasted everything and prepped for painting. Once everything was primed and painted I installed new fork seals and wheel bearings and bushings. All the paint work was a first for me. Frame ,tank,fenders and side panels. I just got so sick of people that call themselves painters but in reality, they don't know there a$$ from a hole in the ground when it comes to reproducing the original paint patterns and colors. This has happened on two other restorations I done. I'm not saying all painters are that way, just the ones in my area that I dealt with.Anyway that's enough complaining. I need to turn a aluminium nozzle for the end cap on the tale pipe. The rust took a toll on it. This was a typical problem area for rust. some pictures can be seen in my photo bucket.



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