Found gear tooth cap in mag

I found the cap of a gear tooth inside my magneto when doing a timing chain change. I Will dismantle as far as I can go on the clutch side of bike to check eveything out. If I cannot find the source should I bite the bullet and have the cases split? If everything runs fine and there is no noticable problem would any of you sell the bike without mentioning it? I bought the bike used and overhauled everything including top end. The only thing I didn't do is split the cases. I feel I got taken to the cleaners with this bike and am beginning to want out! :)

While selling it may not be a bad idea, IMHO it's dishonest to sell it without mentioning what you found. At this point you could sell it and tell the potential buyer honestly that it works great now but you don't know what to expect (could work forever, may die tomorrow?) but not mentioning it would not be right. Especially since a broken part could not only be expensive, but could cause injury if something broke at a bad time.

If you're going to keep the bike I would personally split the cases if necessary to assess the damage. If you're going to sell it then I wouldn't run it much just in case, but be sure to mention what you found to the buyer so that they can decide if they're willing to risk it. Just my opinion. :)

I would sell or trade and disclose the issue you dont want to have a bike lock up on the face of a huge jump

Thanks for the rely guys! I will get back to you later in the week and let you know what I find. I am hoping that is is on clutch side only. Whatever happens I guess I am stuck to fix it. It has been a frustrating experience for me though. Should of bought new.

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