Need Help With Torque Spec

I was putting the lower suspension pieces back together last night and realized that I do not have the the torque settings for the bolts.

I have a manual coming but it will not get here 'til Friday and I am loading the bike into the trailer tommorrow night. What I need is for one of you guy's to look up the torque specs for the upper and lower shock bolts and the three bolts that hold the linkage assembly together and post it here ASAP!

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I was supposed to have the manual yesterday via UPS but it got delayed somehow (most likley left on a truck somewhere) and I am in a pinch.


Looks like 51 ft/lbs for the linkage nuts, and 33 ft/lbs for the shock mount bolts....

you can get the euro shop manual online too for free, this will have the torque specs as most stuff is the same. scroll down on the left, euro shop manual near the bottom.

I really appreciate the info. I wonder if this is the same manual that I bought on eBay a couple of day ago for $15???

Scott :)

Yes, it seems to be the same manual. I saw it on e-bay a while back billed as a having been digitized by Honda. Not!! It's a fairly poor scan that's been turned into a pdf file. I printed it on a very nice color laser a while back and put it into a 3-ring binder. Works okay. But, I sure wish I could find the official Honda US version that matches the North American bike exactly. Last time I checked it was still back-ordered.

Good luck!


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