Carb Vent hoses: Where to buy

Hello there Boys!

I have been on a hunt for some new carb vent hoses and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas of where to look for some tubing. I picked up two different sizes form cycle shops and one is too small (inside diameter) and one is too large.

The small tubing is, I think 1/8"

I was able to heat up the tip and jam the hose on the end of the gray nipples on the carb, but for the copper nipples, no way. Way too small for that.

I was thinking of heading to a hobby store, maybe one that has RC cars for some tubing.

I used 1/8" ID from Helix Racing products that came in 5' rolls. My dealer ordered it for me. I used two rolls. Jam a philips screwdriver in the end and work it back and forth to stretch the end of the hose. Use pliers to push it on. Worked for me. BTW the larger od hose didnt fit in the guide rings. The hose i ordered was Item code 53-0464.

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I just bought some from one of my local shop off road shop and they were insanely expensive. Only picked it up cause it was last minute before a rebuild. Size I believe is 3/16th. Check hardware stores, most carry it, ask for fuel line. Only down side from buying it at tool shops is they usually only carry black.

You can find pre-cut hose on eBay fairly cheap and they look good. I think mx bonz sells them.

I bought a kit that came with a little aluminum rectangle block that come's apart for cleaning the filter inside.

Did not quite know how it would work but it filtered out some dirt.

Came with a lot of the better silicone tubing.

Been on there since beginning of 2008 and still looks great.

This looks to be a link to it:

Hope this helps

I would stay away from all that cheep rubber stuff.

It goes away fast.

Hard to find a good grade of it.

But if you go that route check with Mastercarrr online, they will show different type's

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