Anyone had rubber plug come out and spew oil?

Hello fair wealth of thumper knowledge. I recently had my rubber plug pop out while riding in Michigan's upper-lower.

This plug is located where the manual decomp lever used to be on previous models. It promptly sprayed out a nice mist of oil on my rad and headpipe. I've got the replacement in, but am wondering if there's a bigger reason that it popped out besides riding down I-75 for 12 miles. Lay it on me, peeps! TIA <Matt>

Check your crank case breather hose that goes down the front of the frame. Make sure its not closed, clogged or otherwise restricted by a zip tie or anyting. Other than that, make sure your not over full with oil. Check the oil like 5 minutes after running the motor for an accurate check.

I blew out my cam cover seal after I pinched my vent hose. I was pinching the vent hose all the time and decide it was in a bad spot. Now I run it in front of my engine on top of skid plate. :) Seems to be working better there and looks better too.

Ditto WR_Jason above,

I would also use a small amount of high temp (red) RTV during installation.

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