Valve clearance question - WR 450F '08

Hi all,

Finally got around to checking my valve clearances today on my '08 WR 450F

I got 0.15 and 0.18 on my exhausts and 0.12, 0.13, 0.13 on the inlets.

Do you think its time to reshim the exhaust valves? First time I've ever done this before so I'm not too sure. Might end up taking it to a bike shop...

Any advice greatly appreciated...



DB, Only you know your mechanical skills, so your going to have to be honest with yourself on whether or not your capable of re-shimming the valves. It's not terribly difficult, but you do have to be meticulous in the execution! And yes, your exhausts need to be re-shimmed. There are lots of previous threads on here giving good tips on how to do it, that a search will show up. Do you think you can do this? Maniac

Hey thanks for the reply Maniac. I rechecked the clearances the next day just to make sure before heading down either path. Once I was a bit more accurate with turning the crankshaft to the correct spot my exhaust clearances were .23 and .22 and the inlets were .12, .13 and .13 so I think I will be leaving them at this for now and check them again later in the year.

Kinda dodged a bullet there. Now I just have to replace my lower shocker bearing and all will be good.

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