WR or YZ 450 green sticker question

Did the new 2003 bikes get the green sticker in Southern California?thanks for input



The wr and yz are red sticker.The 02 and older are now green sticker. :)

Bill, Thanks for the input. This Husky is getting to be a pain in the starting department. I move the kickstarter one notch up on the spline and it starts better, but it's also harder to kick now and the left side stuff is a real hassle. So I've been reading up on the WR's and just to check future options.

Hope all is well with you and the bikes. I've been ridding the high desert and Big Bear trails most of this season, but I checked out the new time-to-ride video and they have some of the northern woods areas and man that look nice.

Thanks again on the input.


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