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Jetting problem

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I have a problem i can't work out, wonder if anyone can help? I have a japanese import 92' RMX250SR, as standard it is restricted with a 30mm carb. I got the manifold, reeds and Mikuni TM38 off a full power rmx, fitted a FMF exhaust, replated cylinder, piston and new gaskets. bike starts well but can't seem to get pilot jet right. I have drilled into the manifold to keep the autolube, so I think the jetting should be slightly lower than for a standard (premix) RMX. standard pilot is 45, I fitted 42.5 and it starts fine but airscrew has little effect and bottom end is a bit rubbish. kept going down in pilot and it ran better with a 32! which i think is too small. I have set slide to 0.7mm gap, float height to 16mm, and still plug is pretty black. I think fuel is leaking somewhere, so i replaced needle with new one. could needle jet be worn? I don't know how to remove it to replace/check it.choke doesn't seem to be leaking. Also i have a Trailtech vapor with tempreture sensor on it which is located in the hose coming off of the head, it doesn't register till 45degrees and never registers! I believe the two things are linked, ie to much fuel cooling the combustion chamber. sorry for long post, just tried to include everything, any idea's?



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