01 yz426 cam ?

I was doing some searching and looking for some clarifaction . does the stock cam have a decompression ring on it ? or just the lever by handlebars in block to releave excess pressure in cylinder when starting ? I assume stock doesnt ! also If thats correct I could go to a hotcams intake and exhaust cam with decompression rings on them and then plug the old decomp hole in block and add the hotstart . Has anyone done that and is it easier to start or worth the time and money ?

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just got through doing this....

the stock yz426 has a decompression lever that pushes on the exhaust shim/bucket on the exhaust valve on the right side of the bike. the stock 426 cam does not have any type of auto decompression.

i installed a hotcams stage 1 exhaust cam with auto decompression. left the stock intake cam.

i also installed a decompression plug in the cylinder head, and removed the stock decompression lever, cable, and actuator from the head.

i made a trip to the yamaha dealer and picked up a couple of shims yesterday, and put everything back together... (i should have just ordered the hotcams exhaust shim kit)

yes the bike is easier to start... no starting ritual, i just kicked it, and bam, it started.... :bonk:

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Thats the info I was looking for greatly appreciated ! Thanks Tommy .

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