YZ tank range on WR ?

I really like my new combo YZ seat and tank. But I was wondering about what is the fuel range I can get with my stock YZ tank ? I seem to need to fill it up more often, which is understandable, but do any of you have info on actual (average) distance made on a stock YZ tank ?


It will vary alot depending on the type of riding you do but a reasonable average would be 25-30 mpg. Think the YZ is 2 gallons and the WR 3.3.

On my 426 with the yz 2.1 tank i was able to get around 40-50 with aggressive riding. :)

Expect 10 km per litre Sylvain.


I get 20 kilometres per litre on average, a bit more commuting on the road and about 16-18 kilometres per litre in the bush.

My year model came out with the 8 litre yz tank here in australia so that gives me about 120 kilometres to reserve on a normal trail ride and about another 30-40 if I milk it along steadily.


Thanks for the infos guys :)

Hey Sylvain. I have a YZ 8 litre tank and a Trail Tech Endurance computer, and according to this I get about 110 - 120km until I have to switch to reserve. I do mostly closed circuit riding, so range isn't a real issue for me and I am yet to run out of juice on my bike.

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