YZ 426 lighting with Tusk kit. Headlight power?

I purchased a 01 YZ 426 that had a Baja Designs lighting stator (180w total dual circuit) , and harness etc. However, the previous owner sliced and diced at this lighting harness and had issues with loose wires and lights cutting out! More to it, but to make a long story short, I replaced the baja desings kit with the Tusk harness (WR 426) and control switch from Rocky Mountain. So I got everything installed, my brake lights work turn signals work but I do not know how to get power to my headlight. I know this is a simple fix, but im horrible with this type of stuff. My headlight has three prongs: high, low and ground. My swich has three wires high, low, and ground. Where do I get the power from? I know this kit was supposed to be for a WR that already has a light and those wires would just tap into the existing wires....but YZ never had that so..... I know this can work. Please help with this simple fix. :bonk:

go to proracing.co.uk


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