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'07 possible carb issue - thoughts?

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Hey Everyone!

Just got back from a disappointing day at the track. Recently I had to replace my Float chamber because of a stripped screw. With the new float chamber I noticed there was not mount points for this little aluminum strip that looks like it is to limit the floats from dropping all the way down the bowl ( I am sure some of you know what it is). I left that piece out reassembled ran it around the block and it was spot on.

So, today, About 15min in, as I was going into a turn (breaks on), the bike shut off. Could not get it to restart. Once I got back to the pits bike would kick and turn over for literally a second or two and stall. A few people offered their opinions of a carb issue so I packed up and came home. I thought it was a weird diagnosis when it ran for 15+ min on the track and randomly shut off no sputtering.

Got home gave the idle a 1/4 turn as well as the fuel mixture and boom ran like a top again.

Does anyone know if that little aluminum piece was an issue and will this keep happening? Or does it sound like another issue?

Thanks in Advance!

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