426 and 450 clutch interchange?

I know that the 400, 426, and 450 all use the same pressure plate and other clutch internals, would this mean that I could put a 426 complete clutch (basket, etc) into a 450? I know that the primary gears are different, but if I swapped the primaries would that be the only (operational) difference? The specifics of my question are that I have a slipper clutch for my (now internally demolished) YZ426 and I want to know if it would fit a 450, if I went that route. It has a Hinson basket which is installed with bolts, so I was thinking I could get a 450 basket, drill out the rivets, and bolt the Hinson slipper to the 450 primary gear. Sound reasonable, or should I just sell the 426 slipper and get a 450 specific? I am all about getting what I have to work instead of simply buying and bolting stuff on, especially since I only have about 10 hours on this clutch.

In the first place, the 400 does not use the same clutch at all. It's considerably smaller, and 100% non-interchangeable with the later bikes.

The earliest 450's did use the same pressure plate as the '01, but most everything else was a little different. The clutch boss in particular is a different dimension, so your slipper might not work. The plates are the same size, but the stack heights vary. As far as the basket goes, I believe the bolt circle on the 450 was different, and there are not one but two primary ratios used, both different than the 426. I'm thinking that I remember the spline diameter of the 426 crank is smaller at the drive gear splines as well.

You could dig into one and monkey with it, but I don't think you'll have too much luck.

Sorry about the 400, I just assumed since you could install a 426 clutch on a 400 drive shaft that they were interchangeable. I misread that the 400 uses the same pressure plate, again my apologies. I know that the side covers would have to be swapped, etc, to get the bigger clutch into the 400, but it wasn't my intent on bringing the 400 details into this. Again, sorry for the confusion.

Re: the 450, knowing that the bolt circles are different helps. I know the stack height is different, but I was looking more for the other info, such as main shaft spline differences, bolt circle, and the like. If anyone has an old decrepit 450 basket floating around, I would like to borrow it for comparison. Not too worried about drive gears from the crank, as I would look at installing the Hinson basket directly on the primary, and replace all of the clutch bits with all of the Hinson parts and pieces. The only thing that would be 450 would be the primary gear and main shaft. I'll poke around and follow up if I find a basket and main shaft.

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