I call Dibs...

I call dibs on the next 2001 426 stock exhaust system to go up for sale for a reasonable price.


My friend just got a WB E series today and he is going to sell his stock one (off of a 01' YZ426) for $100! I will let you know more details when I find them out (he doesnt visit thumpertalk and I dont know his email address) Later,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Thanks Garrett, did he replace the pipe and silencer or just the silencer. I would like both if he has em'. Lemme know...


I have a stock pipe (silencer only) that has only about 5 minutes on it! I called my local shop and they wanted over $250 for a new one! Anyway, I'm open to a reasonable offer and you pay the shipping. I'm in CA.

Lemme know,


I've also got a 2001 silencer only (no head pipe) with maybe 5 minutes on it. I do not ride tracks and needed a spark arrester so I immediately went with an E-series pro-meg. Other than the minor cosmetic marks from tie-downs on it's first ride, it is in great shape. E-mail me at flamed1@juno.com if the others don't work out.



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