2006 Rm125 Wierd high idle whilst riding but not in neutral

Hi. Bought this bike for enduro. Its got a heavier flywheel weight, standard exhaust system but ive fitted a smaller pilot jet to stop spooge and just generally poor performance at lower revs. Am totally happy with the way the bike is running apart from the strange tickover.

Should this bike, once the choke is closed continue to rev highly for about a minute then slowly decreases the revs to a nice slow idle? Seems odd. My 08 ktm 250 exc and any other 2T's ive had have never done this.

Now the main problem is the high idle when in gear whilst riding technical stuff, its causing me to roll into stuff too fast because of the higher engine speed. Itll tickover nicely in neutral , at the low revs set by the idle screw but once riding its a really annoying problem.

Please help. Its a great bike but and this is its only real fault. Thanks.

Are you sure its something with the carb? Might be a clutch problem that manifested with the flywheel install. If it isn't, then usually your pilot/air screw setting could be causing this hanging idle.


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Thanks. Will check air screw setting again. Have tried the fast idle method by turning idle screw up, then turning out airscrew to point where the revs do not increase and meant to leave screw at that setting. To me there was no obvious rise in revs. Just seemed to either die when fully in or not. Matbe ive got airscrew out too far.

Clutch basket not too badly notched, brand new clutch kit and springs put in recently. Is a bit of a pig to start in gear. Will try some ATF in gearbox next. Also going to fit Magura hydraulic clutch.

Maybe it is a clutch problem but would love to get this sorted as its a cracking little bike!

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