Different tuner than a GYTR?

Is there another tuner for the 2010-2012 YZ450F's other than the one from Yamaha? I thought I saw a commercial where there was a thumb dial on it, and you could adjust settings on the fly...

check the power commander v. They are advertising a new model that will adjust timing and fuel. they also have a remote.

You might be refering to the GET ignition module with the traction control knob that allows you to adjust the amount of traction control on the fly. It replaces the whole ECU and requires a bit more tuning know-how and programming but from what I've heard, offers a dramatic improvement in performance and tunability over the stock ECU and GYTR combo. A buddy of mine put one on his bike nad saw some pretty big gains in hp on the dyno as well as much better mid and over-rev.

Hey jaro51, any idea what your buddy paid for his GET up here?

thx for the info

doesn't JS7 have a GET commercial?

Not sure what he paid for it, he has an engine builder buddy down in Idaho who is getting on board with the GET stuff this year. I've seen them for $800 or so on ebay. And you can buy an hand held tuner that does some basic adjustments, I assume similar to the GYTR one, and then there is the engine tuner's software that opens up a bunch more tunability from what I hear. And add in the data aquisition gadgets and you have a pretty solid package to really optimize the wasy the bike works for your riding needs / style.

And from what I've heard, pretty well all of the top guys are running the GET ignitions or something similar.

$800 for ignition programming, $300 for fuel programming. That is a good down payment on a KX.

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