Which holeshot device?

Wondering which one works best for an 11 yz450f? Thoughts??


I just put a Kermaxx on mine. I haven't been able to use it yet though,seems easy enough to engage.

I put a Hammerhead device on mine and it works real well.

Hammerhead on mine as well. Had some issues with the pin pushing out on a jump, contacted the company and took about 4 months to finally get a replacement. I'll pass on Hammerhead products from now on.

None of the tracks around here have dirt starts. I love to see the posers engage their "hole shot" devices on the concrete pads.

Thanks for the replies guys. We have one track with a concrete start here but all others are dirt. Question: isn't the point of the device to lower the front to keep from wheeling (at least try to anyway)? What difference would it make on a concrete start?

Never heard of the Kermaxx... Is it new?


concrete has very little traction. you want you weight shifted toward the middle/back during launch and then forward once onto the dirt. In dirt starts you want to get the weight as far forward as possible. Watch a supercross start or national mx start. guys are sitting really far forward. hole shot devices help in dirt and hurt on concrete.

Maybe Kermaxx is a Canadian product, I had two choices from my dealership, the Kermaxx for $70 or a Pro Circuit device for $140. Easy choice. You can find it if you google it I'm sure.

TAMER DOUBLE BUTTON. The first and original holeshot button. Same price if not cheaper and you get two different heights for the $$

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