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DRZ 250 carb on an XR 250

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I've got a chance to pick up a mikuni pumper carb from an 02 DRZ 250.

Was wondering if it could find a new home on my 96 xr250r

The XR has a pretty bad bog comming off the idle so i was thinking the pumper should help with this.

How ever im not sure if the carb is a tm33 or a tm28ss.

Guy who's parting out the Bike hasnt comfirmed the model of carb but has said it is a pumper.

TM33 would be great but they are very hard to come by. Going from internet research the carbs more likely to be a TM28.

I can find a bit of info about XRs and tm33's but question is has anyone ever looked into fitting a tm28 to an XR?

XR has a 30mm carb from stock so the TM28s going to be smaller but are the characteristics of the pumper likely to make up for the smaller size?

Are there fitment issuse that rule out this carb?

I'm not really looking for power gains more interested in throttle responce but if the TM28s a bad idea then follow up question

Are there any bikes that came out with TM33s from factory?

Odds of finding one 2nd hand are much better then buying NEW

Emailed the Mikuni importer for my country, said it would take 6-8weeks, cost $"A LOT" and basically i was better off going on Ebay then getting it off them.....super helpful

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