06 yzf450 cam in a yzf400?

Can I fit a 2006 yzf450 exhaust cam in my yzf400, why do people prefer the 03-05 cams?

Yes, you can use an '06. Part of the preference for the '03-5 is that the mod was developed for that cam, so people feel more confident in predicting the results of the swap. Another part is that the '03 more nearly matches with the 400 intake. If it was me, I'd use an aftermarket cam made specifically for the 426/400 instead of any 450 cam. Early on, I wouldn't have said that, but with OEM prices up like they are, and the improvements to the aftermarket stuff, Hot Cams and others are a better buy, fit better, and are simpler to install.

ok, thanks i'll give it some thought

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