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DRZ400 rear dampening

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A riding buddy was following me yesturday and noticed the rear end of my bike skipping up a lot and generally over reacting to bumps etc. He suggested I might want to increase my rebound dampening as that's what was adjusted on his to calm it down..

So that is the lower adjustment screw on my shock and was set to 14 clicks out from full hard - stock.

I've now set it to 10 clicks out from hard - am I gointg the right way?

My thinking is harder dampening is more dampening?

Also the preload has been wound out to let it sag right, and I have already established that my spring is a little too hard for my weight but for the riding I do it'll be fine. I'm not that into suspension tuning so I'm not likley to get anything re-valve'd or different springs and the like. I just need to calm the back end down and would like to dial the settings in more.

Also I'll shortly be adding panniers & kit to my bike to make her into an ADV for a few camping trips I have planned - do you have to adjust the dampening settings overall if you are loading the bike up?



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