keeping the air out of the radiators

how cani take the air out of the radiators please?

start the engine with the radiator cap off and let it run for a minite.


Could you explain "taking the air out of the radiators"?

i meant those bubbles of air that stuck sometimes in ur radiator - sorry for my english...

mor, no prob bud, yzf understood you clearly, was my problem, I'd never heard of needing to let air out of the radiator.


twej - me neither. just had a thought, cause i had this screw on the ktm 300 to bleed the air...

Some motor designs can trap air in the water jackets when the cooling system is drained and refilled. Usually there are bleed bolts in these situations to get the air out or it is recommended to run the engine a short time and then recheck the coolant level. I haven't checked yet, but it is possible that the 426 engine doesn't have this issue.

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