What Octane?

Just wondering what octane i should be using in my 2010 crf250r, my mechanic at the local honda dealer says to use 91 because all that 98 and 95 octane stuff has a lot of junk in it mainly designed for cars not dirt bikes, he said you couldn't tell the difference on the track but if you look at your spark plug its not burning the fuel properly?

would be interested to know what octane you guys running?

Higher octane unleaded fuels are fine for use in your CRF, but there's really no point in using them. The use of higher octane fuels in a vehicle not designed for them will result in reduced power. Until you do something which requires higher octane (higher compression, advanced ignition timing, etc.), stick with 91. Higher than 91 won't damage your bike, but it could cause a slight power loss.

When in doubt, do what it says to do in the owner's manual.

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ok thanks mate

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