03 wr450f clutch issues, intermittent play

Hi all,

got an 03 wr450f, just converted to supermoto. On the first ride, on several different occasions I had the clutch go limp on me. It will feel fine for 15minutes, and out of nowhere, i've suddenly got 3/4 of my lever travel of cable slop. so much so that the bike will stall if coming to a stop, because there simply isnt enough travel to take up the slack. One minute I'm loving life on my hooligan bike, the next I'm getting ready to tomahawk it into the back of a Ford Tempo because i've got no way to disengage the clutch. The weird thing is, its intermittent. I tried a brand new cable, and MSR AOF lever. when I popped the clutch cover off, i noticed the clutches are nearly new, and OEM. springs seem fine, it has had basket & pressure plate replaced with OEM pieces, some chatter on the basket but nothing I haven't seen before, nor is it unrideable. I suspect the previous owner replaced the clutches, basket, pressure plate, springs, clutch pushrod, and boss in an effort to remedy the problem.

It's unusual, because most times the clutch is great, no slipping issues by any means, lever feels good, then out of nowhere, suddenly tons of cable slop.

Any ideas? anyone ever have a similar issue?

Also, My ebc 320mm kit rubs like crazy on my OEM caliper's brake pad pin. anyone have this issue on an 03 wr450?

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