Running hot!!

I was riding yesterday and my 01' 426 was leaking radiator fluid out of the resv hose. I have recently had a top end done by the shop and was wondering if the timing could be off and causing it to run hot. This is a new problem. I have a small track at home and ride trails from home. I am a beginner and usually practice jumping on a 50' table top I built. I hit it about 30 times a day. I will appriciate any ideas!

Thanks guys. :)

If you filled it to the top then it is normal for a little bit of coolant to come out as it heats up. It's also normal for an engine to run slightly warm during break-in, especially if they honed the cylinder.

That said, timing and jetting could make it run hot; if you're sure that it's overheating then it couldn't hurt to dobule check these.

If you're not sure that it's actually overheating then it may be worth your while to check the head gasget for a leak. A leaky head gasget can cause a loss of coolant through the radiator overflow hose. 2 simple (but not full proof) ways are to either fill up the radiator to the top, let it idle and look for bubbles; or you can ride it when it is warmed up but not hot yet and look to see if any fluid is coming out of the radiator overflow hose when you hit the gas. Hope this helps..

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