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Blue Diamond Pee Wee Practice

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The ecea set up a 50cc, PeeWee and Youth practice day at Blue Diamond MX park. They had Cobra and Pitster Pro Demo bikes for the kids to try. Hot dogs, chili, soda and water all free to the kids. I took my son and my nephew down with their bikes. It was a great day. The kids go plenty of riding in to shake the cob webs out. It is funny watching harescramble kids on an MX track. After 5 laps they want to know where else they can ride. LOL. They are used to a 3 lime lap. But they all ahd fun and can't wait to back again. The video has pictures, regular video and my son with the GoPro on. Listen for him the "whoop" at his cousin as he wants to pass. It's hilarious. If you're unfamilar with harescrambles, this is what they do when they come up behind another rider to let them know they are going to pass them. He says he is practicing it so he will be ready to pass all the 85's on his 65. LOL Enjoy the vid!

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