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On-road SXF 450...

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just some quick questions about adding lights to my 08 450 sxf. i'm going to try to reg. it for the street in spring, which i belive is possible since the title doesn't say "off road use only". now i don't plan on doing long hauls on it or really riding a lot at night to be honest. just something to blast around on locally. in the attempt to not get my balls busted by local PD, im assuming (as they are required by law) that a headlight and tail light/brake light are necessary to avoid this.

now for my plan: was going to wire a EXC headlight assembly straight up to the battery with a simple on off switch, only using it when absolutely necessary. also fabricate a break light assembly that would work well and also have minimal draw (led integrated tail light off sportbikes?)

the real question is, will this cause problems with the bikes electrical system/ can the battery handle this type of activity?

any helpful reltated input is apprechiated.

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