Broken pump impeller

Been having some seepage from the weep hole, posted on site as the replacement seat didn't seem to do the job. Today I pulled the pump cover to discover that the impeller was broken the center nut had broken loose from the rest of the impeller. This is the second time I've had this happen. When I replaced the seal I spun the impeller back on, figuring that the rotation of the pump shaft would likely tighten the impeller, evidently not. It appears that the nut backs off and as it unscrews grounds the blade s on the pump cover and this is the result. If you've experienced this I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on it. Meanwhile since it's an 05 think I'll just go ahead and order all the seals, bearing, shaft and another impeller.

you supposed to take the side cover off when replacing the impellor as per the manuel.

well that sucks. At least now you'll know, that sometimes word of mouth for taking shortcuts can cause more greif than required. My rule of thumb.. when in doubt, consult the manual, and when you think you know what your doing, re-read the manual.

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i had the same thing.. though i never did it up finger tight only.

welded the impellor back together (theyre big money in the uk) and bolted it back up, new seal and away!

All of the forces normally applied to the impeller in use do tend to bear on the impeller in a clockwise direction on the shaft, tending to keep it tight rather than trying to loosen it. If it were to back out far enough to hit the cover while turning, that in itself would cause it to be turned tighter again. I'd say you need to look into replacing the impeller shaft bearing. It sounds like there's an excess of end play in it. This time, snug it up.

I am replacing the whole assembly, shaft, bearing. both seals and obviously an new impeller, one respondent said he welded the impeller, but I'm a bit reluctant to do this because if it wasn't perfect the same problem might reoccur. It might be possible to use JB Weld or some other epoxy as long as you were careful to make sure the nut was centered and in the same plane as the impeller?. I just confirmed that the impeller spins or threads on in a normal clockwise rotation and the shaft rotates counterclockwise, so I did think that the engine rotation would snug up the impeller on the shaft, works with chainsaw clutches.. Evidently this didn't happen.

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