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Need a new street toy

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I'm looking for ideas for a new toy to ride on the road. I'm moving back to the middle of Houston and just sold my SV1000, as well as my 200sx. I'm going to be picking up an adventure bike (F800GS hopefully) before too long but need something to mess around on in the meantime. I don't mind tinkering and modding to get it to what I want, I always need a project.

Requirements- Fun around city streets/neighborhoods, cheap (<$2500), wheelies

Nice to have- Different from everybody else's, ability to carry a passenger for short (<5 miles) distances

Not required- Practicality

Current options:

Dual sport 2 stroke mx bike- I was going to convert my 200 to a dual sport bike but a title issue killed that. This is probably the top option.

Pros- Cheap to buy, cheap to rebuild, more than enough power

Cons- Will probably have to add lights and a kit to register

Dual sport pitbike

Pros- Novelty, Can use to teach the girlfriend to ride Cons- Will have to add lights and a kit to register

Little vintage bike http://houston.craigslist.org/mcy/2833429864.html

Pros- Cool looking, Can use to teach the girlfriend to ride

Cons- More maintenance, hard(er) to find parts

Scooter (Zuma, Ruckus)

It's a scooter

What am I missing? What are you guys ripping aorund town on? I'm in Texas so it isn't too hard to title an offroad bike, provided I can add lighting.

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