Vortex - Hot Rod / Starting Mod

Checkout this post from the YZ/WR250F side...

"I recently spoke to a guy at Fastway. He had the trickest 250F I've ever seen at the Washougal Nationals. I wanted the Rhino graphics he had on the bike (and I scored them), but he told me that the Vortex ignition is the best mod he has made on his bike. He had a Yosh pipe and had the bike bored to 280cc. He said the ignition is about $400, has two settings, and improved power more than the Yosh pipe or the 30cc of additional displacement. Sounds cool. Anybody out there own one?"

The Vortex is supposed to help with hot starting also.

Vortex website (Australia): http://www.vortex-performance.com.au/

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