Hard starter

Just bought an 05 WR450 with electric start,

when turning engine over with startrer motor, it will not start and I get a pop through the exhaust every 2nd rotation (as if timing is out) If i stop and kick it over a couple of times, it will then turn over a bit and start (without any popping)

any ideas

cheers wayne

PS I was also concerned about how loud the clutch is but i have read here that they are all a bit rattely. is there anything that can be done to to quieten this down

Mine was doing that too and then eventually wouldn't start at all, needed the started jet and carb cleaned .

As for the clutch my 06 doesn't make any noise really

Hard starting can also be a sign of valves out of spec. Give yours a quick check.

Yeah check valves and are all good except cam can side exhaust is at little tight at .20mm (0.008'') and.178mm (0.007") was a snug fit.

Think the carb needs a strip and clean as it was dripping gas out the overflow pipe last night. put a new plug but no different.

Does anyone know were i can download a service manual.


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