has anyone fitted a yzf450 2006 cam in a yzf400?

hi has anyone fitted a 06 yzf450 exhaust cam in a yzf400, if so what was it like.

I have not heard of the 06 cam going into a 400F but they have done it for years with the 03 Cam Mod.

I checked Hot Cams website and they state the cams the same "For Models: ***2003 - 2009 Yamaha YZ 450F"

NOTE: The 450 Cam Mod uses a 03 450 cam in a YZ426/400 with different cam timing.

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I did not finish answering the "what was it like?"

It gives the bike more low end power but best of all it make starting so much easier with auto decompression.

So, then, what I take from that is that you didn't use the '06 cam, either.

HotCams exhaust cam may be the same for the '03-'09, but Yamaha used 4 different cams on the intake side of the YZ450 during that time, each with more aggressive timing. I don't recommend using any cam for a 450 in the 426 anymore, because perfectly good cams are available made for the 426 that will drop in and time the same as stock. If you do insist on using an OEM cam in spite of that, don't go later than the '06.

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