Gearing questions

I have two gearing questions?

I have an '08 yz450 and am running 13/51. I ride mostly MX on the Colorado front range at roughly 5000-8000 ft. elevation.

I am looking for some feedback on what you guys think. It feels like I am running out of gears a little fast.

I am a mid to back of the pack c rider.

Next ?. My buddy just picked up an 06 yz450 and it had 12/49 on it. From some other postings it seems the 12 up front is no good. Is this close to the 13/51 I'm running?



Your '08 came with 13/49. You have a 13/51. Doing the math, that's 3.77:1 and 3.92:1 (rounded). 12/49 is 4.08:1. Higher numbers are "lower" gears. For a number of years, MXA had a predictable, standard gearing recommendation of going up one tooth on the rear (13/50, or 3.85:1) "to bring 3rd gear in sooner". I don't see that any such recommendations make any sense, in my experience.

If you are shifting through the gears too quickly, or shifting too often because you you run out in a given gear too fast, take a tooth or two off the back; gear it higher. If you find yourself using first gear in half the turns on an MX track and almost never get to 4th, never mind 5th, add a tooth or two to the back. The track itself will dictate the best gearing combo. If you find yourself coming off a turn and having to shift just before a jump face to keep from hitting the rev limit before the crest, you might either want to gear it lower and use the next higher gear in the corner, but you might also prefer to go higher so the gear you use now will make it to the top. You have to match it up with the rest of the whole track, and what works good at one place, may not be the deal for another.

Personally, I favor higher gearing so as to shift less overall, and use 2 or 3 gears around the entire track. The YZ450 has a power curve 5 or 6 lanes wide. I like to use the whole thing.

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