2002 XR650R 1/4 MILE TIME

I am planning on taking my BRP down to our local track with a handful of other dirtbikers on various bikes...My XR650 is stock with the 14/48 gearing what will it run??????

Come on guys surely someone has done this before....

Good question... I'd like to know the answer to that too. I assume you will be running the bike uncorked?

I'd think with a good launch, you could run a low 13 second 1/4 mile. I'd gear the thing up because you are going to top out way before the end. Slap a bigger front sprocket on if you have one.

Well it's on friday night I am taking it to the track with stock 14/48 NOT uncorked with knobbies. I dont want to change anything cause I am selling it. I will post time slips on here soon. Has any one else done this???I want ET's so I dont talk to much trash between now and then.

I'm guessing it will beat all but the fastest street cars and most all other dirt bikes....

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