Where to get a cheap YZ426?

Hey TTers,

I have a friend named Matt who is looking to buy a brand new 02' YZ426 in the next 2 months or so. I have seen a few posts that people have gotten a new 426 for around $5000-$5500 OTD! Here in Houston TX we pay MSRP which is $5999, so OTD it is around $6300! I think this is absurd and he is looking for the best price (arent we all LOL) I thought that if he could pick up a new bike for $5500 OTD plus shipping, he still would save $500 or so! So all you guys who got your YZ's for cheap could you please post the dealer and the phone # ( I swear I saw someone on this forum who got a brand new one for like $4850 OTD? :) ...that makes me cringe when I payed $6250 for mine!)! My friend will appreciate any info you guys have! Thanks a bunch,

Garrett Berg


I get my kicks on a 426!

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well, i don't know about 426's, but when it came to 250Fs, this place was the cheapest i heard of. http://yamahadiscountprices.com/

Hey, tell Matt I will fix him up with a 2000 model for $4000, loaded out!!

Norman K.

Beaumont, TX

I think most of the people are getting these good deals now that the "new" models are getting ready to hit the showroom floors.

I paid $5100.00 OTD, but buy at least 1 new bike a year from this dealer and buy most of my after market parts from him too.

There are some tricks you can use at any dealer. Let me know and I can e-mail you if you are still interested.


Hey mine's an '01 bought it new in Southaven, Mississippi for $4995 plus tax, if this helps, there were 2 left when i bought mine, i can find out if there are anymore left :)

There is this special secret place for Imericans to get cheap Yamahas. I will spell it out C-A-N-A-D-A.

Hey Wildair99,

Yeah, could you please give me the name of the dealer and the phone #, I would appreciate it alot...Matt is only getting a new bike and would like to get a 02' or a new 01' in a month or so (he has had bad luck with used bikes). Thanks for any info you have,


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I get my kicks on a 426!

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Hi there, I live in the Houston area and I,ve bought the last four atv/bikes from Motion Cycles in DeRidder, LA. Ask for Daryl. 337-463-8110. They have an 800 number I cant find it right now. Oh yeah, I bought my O1/426 for $5,200 after calling all around Houston, just to be told sorry! Good Luck.


Hey Motoman,

Here is the info, Southaven Yamaha Kawasaki, the phone number is 1-662-393-2877

Wildair99 :)

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