Hey guys I'm new and got something to ask

Hey guy I'm new to this forum just wanted to say hI and ask ya sumthin I was camping and my old school fmf power core ti cap popped off and all the packing. Fell out so I drilled out the rivet and used screwed it back on and duck taped it..... NOt my first choice but I wanted to ride. The bike a 04 yz450f ohh and what can I use tO repack it other then repack from bike shop


Welcome here, you'll find a tonne of info. about your yz450/wr450 here on this forum, the search function here has been my best friend many times !

I'd buy some 4 stroke muffler packing and install it, then if you can salvage the holes and re-rivet the cap back in place. You may need to use bigger rivets to get it to hold. I've never done it myself, but if the holes have been blown out you could cut 1/2" or 3/4" off of the sleeve and shorten the perforated core by the same amount. By cutting that 3/4" off of the sleeve, you'd be cutting the old holes off and you'd have to drill new ones.

Just an idea...

Hey man welcome!!!

i highly agree with crf450319. But personally i never had a silencer with rivets. My Dr.d has star head screws.

As for packing you can use fmf packing. Its only like $8

And for repacking its pretty easy, but one thing i learned in the past is to take your time. Here are the instructions.


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