Radiator Braces

Hey guys,

I've been looking around at getting some radiator braces for my '01 426 and was wondering if there was any brand better than others and what you guys would go with.


I dont know if they make the works connection cages for your year/model. But I've run them on my yz450f (06-09) and that thing has been beat 5 ways from friday and my radiators are still straight as an arrow!

I like moose braces

I've ran the Moose cages on my old 300 KTM, and they worked really well. Practically the same things are available from GYTR, at least for my '06, anyways.....

If they make them for your 426, I'd look at Flatland Racing's guards, Scorpion Racing's, or Bullet Proof Designs' guards. They're all real good quality stuff.....


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Ok thanks for the input guys....I looked at the enduro engineering braces but they don't seem to make them for my bike. I'll look into these others

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