Stator off a 426 work in a 400

Will a stator off a 2002 wr426 work in a 1999 wr400? If so what is the difference in output.

It will work and the output will be 40 or 50 watts higher than the '99's stator. The stock '99 stator's max output is 80 watts. An '02 stator puts out 120 or 130 watts. (I'm not sure which is correct. I've seen both numbers reported in different places.)

So the 98'and 99' WR stator/flywheel combo only puts out 80 watts :)

How much does the -01 put out?

Heard figures from 80-130 watts... :)

The stator will work on a 1999. You will probably have to use a newer regulator as well to handle the increased output. I know Yamaha beefed the regs up as well. Crf chrome has the outputs of each stator correct. At least we can be envious of the DRZ in one regard. 200 watt output!


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