leaking radiator fluid

Hey everyone. sunday i was riding my bike when i noticed it was leaking radiator fluid. it didnt look like it was coming out of the overflow because it was coming down the center of the engine. and dripping out from the skid plate. it was extremely hot outside so was it just boiling over and leaking out? it only leaked a little out and then a bit of oil was leaking out after it happend once it stopped and didnt leak again for the whole day. what do you all think?

Look carefully, the radiator overflow tube exits right between the engine and the skid plate. Also check carefully for where the oil was coming from. If it was only a few drops and was coming from the breather on the left side bottom near the front of the engine (the breather which attaches to the valve cover) then this is normal.

Make sure to check your weep hole at the waterpump, its at the bottom center of the pump. This can leak oil and antifreeze if both seals are bad. Thats what the holes for, so you know if the seals are going bad. Mine was leaking antifreeze out that hole and I replaced the seal with no problem. I was able to remove the seal without removing the whole side cover :). ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

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