Oil issues-05 yz450f

I just changed the oil in my bike for the first time (bought it a week ago). I did not get a Manuel with the bike so im kinda running blind on how to change everything. I talked to a Yamaha dealer and they said to just drain the ONE bolt at the bottom of the engine (and the oil filter), i pulled out about .75L from this. I did this and then refilled with 1.1 L of semi-synthetic oil. I ran the bike for a few minutes and checked the dip stick and oil is flowing out of the dip stick valve every time i open it up. My thought is that I didn't drain the oil in the frame (my buddy with a 01426 does this) and i filled with to much oil. What is everyone's thought? is there to much oil in the bike? How do i get it right without wasting all the new oil I put in the bike? THANKS!

Well, now that you've mixed your new oil with the used stuff, you've already pretty much wasted it. It's a common mistake for people not used to or expecting dry sump oil systems. But to adjust the oil level downward, run the bike for 45-90 seconds and then drain oil from the frame a little at a time until it's at the right level.

In the Common Threads Sticky, you would have found these resources:

Oil Change Procedure

Manual downloads:



...and a bunch of other stuff. At least you won't have done any serious damage by this mistake. About the loss involved is the oil and the mess it makes.

Ya thanks for the tip. The Yamaha dealer guy must have not known what he was talking about. I just double checked the oil level and it is a little high, I just let some out and will recheck here in a few minutes. I guess ill have to change the oil again after a few rides. Thanks

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