I'm moving from Québec to Mass

So now it is confirmed. I have a job at the medical school in Worcester. :)

Am I gonna be allowed to dual sport my Canadian WR in Mass? :D

Thank you for your input

Félicitation pour ton nouveau poste Mathieu,

I hope you will have the opportunity to ride new areas ther. I hear that the easthern woods of the US are great to ride.

Good luck to you and your family :)


I'll alert Homeland Security so they can do a cavity search when you hit the border.

Don't speak french over here.

Leave your Celine Dionne cd's at home.

If you are here long enough to go to the beach be the first french canadian to not wear a thong. Some people have just eaten.

You'll live longer if you tell people you are italian.

I live in Mass and had to register my bike in New Hampshire to dual sport it. Let me know if your able to do it

Dammit beezer, why'd you have to go and throw in that coolant bottle bit, you are going to have to go in time out.

Thank you Sylvain.

About your comments Beezer, I don't really know if I should laugh. :) In case you were serious, hopefully I never had any Celine Dion CDs so it will not be a problem. :D I listen to The Foo Fighters, Metallica, Rush, Ozzy, AC DC, Nickelback... :D :D

You will never see me wearing a thong :D so don't be afraid. Anyway, what's that all about? :D I've never seen a man in Thong in Québec. That said, peoples are wearing strange things in every country and I think Québec and US are no exceptions.

As for the language, I will speak French and Spanish sometimes and I'm not afraid about it. But as you all have the chance to notice on this forum, my English needs to get better so I hope it will improve while working in your country :D

You know, I'm serious man, your post makes me think you've been offended by the whole French Canadian population. I hope I'm wrong. But you know, in the case I'm right, let me tell you that I consider the population of the Québec province have to often been acting like real dumb ass in the past two years. Especially regarding the events of 11/09. So I would understand your disappointment.

As a positive argument to my coming in the US, I should say that I'm coming to the US for at least two years bringing some knowledge in cell and molecular biology science and hope to make more discoveries by collaborating with those guys from the UMass medical school.

This should benefit to both countries. :D

Thanks to Ill Caper and Dave for their links and help! I'm talking about a transfer of course. My bike is legal here and I'll try to transfer it like I will for my car.

Another bright young mind lost to our brothers in the south :) Best of luck Math.


When you get here PM me and Ill show you some real good riding. Also if you need any help moving or have any questions feel free to ask. Ill try and help if I can. Good luck Im sure youll like it here. :D :D :) . Oh by the way. Yes he was kidding about his post. Just poking some fun at our neighbors in the north :D

Thanks Banff.

Actually, the long term future is uncertain. I've never lived in the US and I will probably like it a lot but on the other hand this job will only last for 2 or 3 years and I will have to re-evaluate everything after that. We'll see where I end up. That's the way it is...

So, anyone else with a dual sport WR in Mass?

Yes he was kidding about his post. Just poking some fun at our neighbors in the north

Wah cool! :D I was seeking for smilies in his post but was unable to find some :D. Funny Beezer! :D

Ok, Honey. He was just joking! Put our thongs back in the suitcase. :)

Thanks for your help ill! I'm anxious to ride with you. :D


You be careful in Mass., the Kennedy's live there.


Welcome to the States!. I can say that the comments here are in fun..except for the Kennedys one..that is true!And as for our dislike of the french...it's the French French we have probs with! :) J/K anyways good luck!

Yes Math I was kidding.

Just trying to get you used to Mass.

They are almost as rude as the people from New Joisey.

And btw, smiley faces are for homos.


You be careful in Mass., the Kennedy's live there.

Not all of them, some are in RI too, but the killer Ted is in Mass! ;-)

Understood Beezer. As for the smilies. I was never using them but I'm the kind of person that makes girls cry instantly at my job when I talk seriously about important problems. (I'm serious, it really happened at least twice)

I'm the guy that never gets angry but when I get serious and try to solve problems at job I kind of scare people with my "shoot to kill" answers

Once I sended an e-mail to the director of my research centre and he almost fired me ( well not but he was really unhappy) because of that e-mail where I was explaining that we had lost important time because a person in particular had forgotten something and bla bla bla. I was not angry and rather polite but just serious... So I began to use smilies in my e-mails/posts...

That said, I'll remember you now and if you ever come back with insulting comments about Québec, I'll blast you back, Beware! :):D

When I'm in a gay bar I never smile.

Your opinion of Quebec is obvious.

You are moving down here.

When I was in Montreal I would phart in elavators but no one seemed to notice or care.

That took all the fun out of it.

When I'm in a gay bar I never smile.

You frequent gay bars? :):D Not very interesting to me, sorry...

You are moving down here. ... When I was in Montreal I would phart in elavators

You guys have no more than 2 years to convince me to stay in the US ... and farting in elevators will not help. :D

BTW french Canadians are now a minority in Montréal.

Why have you been to Montréal?

Hey math,

I ride every weekend with 2 guys from the 250 forum and one of them will be close to you. If you like ( and we would like to have you) you could hook up with us. We have a blast and we have a couple of 10 yr olds with us so no presure to go all out all the time. We do about a mile at a time or so and rest while the youngsters catch up. We have a # of places we go and rotate every week. The trails are nice but most are rocky and technical. I have been trying to get Denis (Ill-caper) to come along but he works alot of weekends. Let me know if you are interested and PM me.

Smoke :)

Salut Math,

It seems you are making a lot of new friends south of the border. :D

It makes the transition a lot easier. Some nice riding coming up and it seems that most of your new riding buddies will be fun.

Just beware of the type that goes to gay bar and check for bizarre odor in elevator. :):D


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