Skid plates

During the fall and winter months it looks like I will be doing more trail ridding than the track. I have been thinking about getting a skid plate. Any ideas on what type to get and where from? Anything I should watch out for?


I put on a WB Heavy duty, it covers the ignition and water pump and is thick. I have hit some nasty stuff and only scratches this thing. 70 bucks and worth every penny.

I ordered a Works Perfomance skid plate for my 2000 426. It was hard to fit on, the holes had to be opened up to make fit. It also does not cover the side frame bars. I would look for something with more coverage.

Hope this helps


There are Moose, MSR, and These are all made by Utah Sport Cycle and are the same. I got the Moose one and it fits good and covers the whole bottom frame rails and the ignition cover and water pump. It was about $65 local. I would recommend it.

There is also a real cool looking one made by to consider. There was a picture of it on YZ250F side of this site.

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Will the plates cause the bike to run hotter? Should I worry about getting a plate with more ventilation?

I haven't had any problems with the bike running hotter. You could drill a few holes in it.

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