Can someone identify this headlight assembly?

I'm looking to identify the exact year and model of the complete headlight assembly on this XR650L (image). I really love the look of it. Here is a

of this bike if you need a better look at it to help me out.


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Not sure about the year but that looks like an XR400 headlight assy.

Not sure that it is because its a 2 piece shroud that surrounds the light

Thats a U.S. XR250/400 unit.

96 on.

Thats a U.S. XR250/400 unit.

96 on.

What he said... :bonk:

Here's your picture. :lol:




Thats a U.S. XR250/400 unit.

96 on.

Thanks a lot for that info.

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I checked and I guess the headlight on the XR250/400 is a single element 35w. I need to find a dual beam headlight. Does anyone know of a dual element equivalent that would fit this headlight shroud?

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