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Are kx65 cylinders interchangable thru different years?

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Reason why I ask this is I have a 2004 kx65.......the new cylinder I bought for it is part# 11005-1931 ( I didnt know it when I bought it off Ebay, still new in the box with grease coating) which I've had in the garage for some time now, I just started getting ready to build it again and noticed that the part number is for models 2000-2001 The 2004 calls for cylinder # 11005-1973...I called two dealers and they couldn't really give me a definitive answer. No help at all!

I looked at the bore size and compared with micrometer and also looked at deck height and they were the same....even the ports were pretty much the same. The old one had been ported and polished long before I bought the bike so two ports looking from the insideout are slightly different in shape but thats all I can see, looks like they had been ground down a little for a wider opening.

If anyone could help me with this that would be great!

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